A Comparison Between The Past and The Present Technology

From the beginning of the world we are really born naturally to fulfil the curiosity which we have in mind. That is why anywhere we go we can see different inventions, in fact they come now in variety of brands that we are opted to select. As advance technology vastly developing, name it and we can have it all because we are operated with computers and electronic devices. In fact, as young as six years old, children are already become hook to computers and other gadgets like online games and PSP. Let us see how really technologies greatly develop from nothing to Stone Age and lastly into a world full of machines and equipments which can change our lives forever.

The television that we enjoy watching today comes from many processes. In ancient time, televisions are usually in optical screens, black and white images, few channels, and with an antenna attach to their back. But today there are many huge varieties of televisions which we can have and hold. They really appear in liquid crystal display and plasma display, with great sound systems and in flat screens for a clearer vision. Not only that, because the new innovations are those televisions that comes in multi touch touch screen. This only means that we can control everything while watching. If we have one of this in our house, we are like watching movie in the theatre anytime we want or even everyday.

On the other hand, computers are one of the technologies that greatly evolve, most especially because they can make our work easier, well-organize and convenient than using the old ways of writing and computing files. From bulky computers with CPU, keyboards and mouse, have changed into portable laptops and net book which help us access Internet immediately. New inventions of computers include the changes of their different screens like becoming glass touch screen. We better take note that we don’t have to use our mouse or keyboard because they are operated with just a touch of our hand. It feels like we are writing in our notepad, yet so easy.  

Our communication systems like telephones have also change. From being bulky analogs and broken lines have transformed into a small and handy mobile phones. There are among them that can also be used trough touch screens. Another things are that fax machine, Internet for chat and emails keep our communication often to our love ones and to other people.

We can hardly identify everything that has change because all of them even us people have revolutionize and already adapted these modern era’s way of living. Such like, we prefer to run in the treadmill than go outside for our exercise. We select to buy online than taking our family to shop in the mall. It is also easier if we order food then to cook our own. But one thing is sure from all of these, these make our lives more comfortable and trouble-free. But we should not also be abusing these gadgets and equipments because we are made being human, therefore we also need to work hard.